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Guild PoliciesThreadsPostsLast Post
There are requirements to holding a spot on the team. In this section we'll have the official rules that the Officers will decide on. New ideas are going to be here and discussions about them all. This is the place where members can voice their thoughts on the Guild policies.
Highlander Guidelines & StrategiesThreadsPostsLast Post
Places you should check out. Feel free to add strategy related videos/streams.
How to use and install the P-Rec plugin.
New To the GuildThreadsPostsLast Post
If you'd like to take a place in our Main line up or as a sub please let us know something about you and what you prefer to play. One of us will contact you. Keep an eye on the Guild calender for tryout days.
General SectionThreadsPostsLast Post
General Discussion Open to Everyone
If you know your going to have time to play. Let us all know., Ltd so we can do join in
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The news about the guild.