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Mr_Lion / Oct 26, 2012

Yesterday lobby was fun. I think I am getting better. Still not calling nearly as much as I should be though.

I just want to remind everyone that the mumble server is up. Feel free to use it if no official event is going on.

To night there's going to be an officer meeting at 11pm Central. I'll be on earlier then that and most likely way later. To get some lobbying done.

Depending on what the group wants we may jump around a few things like, lobby, mvm L4d2. What's ever fun.

See you all online

-Mr Lion
Mr_Lion / Oct 25, 2012
Hey Everyone,

Ok, I don't think I am going to be able to play today. That doesn't mean you all can't. :) Leave a comment if you want to lobby. We can work out a temporary passwords so you can run a game using our team server.

Here's some great resources that Tako and Tango got together for competitive Highlander. If you mean to join the Official team line up, it couldn't hurt to check some of this to start learning what we wish we could do. Oh, and check out the team policy page.

I also want to let people know that L4D2 is free this weekend. You can preload it Thursday. I want to play Expert Realism some time Saturday night so if your in download it and be ready :)
Mr_Lion / Oct 24, 2012
That was fun. It taught me, what doing something new always does and that is, I have no idea what I am doing. That's a great feeling for me and means it time to look stuff up.

A brief search on youtube and you can find "Highlander POV" of any class and see positioning and their movements. I am going to be watching a ton of these and I highly recommend those of who are going to tryout, for the Main team line up, should as well.

A huge thing I have learn for the first 3 seconds of watching the POV's of Highlander is they have names for every place in a map. I guess I can't call everywhere 'Banana' anymore.

I'll make a post later with more specifics for YouTube to watch and map's position names into 'Highlander Guidelines & Strategies' Section of the forums. Which anyone is more then welcome to add too.

I am going to get the mumble side working today. So I may try to lobby at some point from 7 to 9. If your interested please comment as much.