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First Team Lobby last night.

Mr_Lion / Oct 24, 2012
That was fun. It taught me, what doing something new always does and that is, I have no idea what I am doing. That's a great feeling for me and means it time to look stuff up.

A brief search on youtube and you can find "Highlander POV" of any class and see positioning and their movements. I am going to be watching a ton of these and I highly recommend those of who are going to tryout, for the Main team line up, should as well.

A huge thing I have learn for the first 3 seconds of watching the POV's of Highlander is they have names for every place in a map. I guess I can't call everywhere 'Banana' anymore.

I'll make a post later with more specifics for YouTube to watch and map's position names into 'Highlander Guidelines & Strategies' Section of the forums. Which anyone is more then welcome to add too.

I am going to get the mumble side working today. So I may try to lobby at some point from 7 to 9. If your interested please comment as much.


I will be on also so if you do some send me a message on steam or skype.
I'll try to be on, but no guarantees. I have class from 5pm to depending on when I finish lab which usually ends at 9:30-10pm my time. ): Have fun though and enjoy lobbying!

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