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iQuit Team Policy 11-1-2012
Mission Statement

iQuit is a Tf2 competitive team created by a group of players with the goal to experience the competitive scene. iQuit’s main focus is team play and team cooperation. Fun and positive are 2 words that would best describe this team. iQuit does not tolerate malicious action or griefing. Cheating or otherwise exploiting the game mechanics is a banning offence. By accepting the invitation to this team you agree to be dependable and dedicated to the teams goals.

  • Team Leader: Mr Lion(Steam name: Mr_Lion)
  • As team leader Mr_Lion can overturn any decision and holds the account information for accounts necessary to maintain the teams assets. Authorises new and changes dealing with policies.
  • Team Officer: Paul(Steam name:WXBY)
  • Officers will have a weekly meeting. Officers will have advanced permissions in team assets. Officers also are tasked with creating team content. Host Events, Rosters, Managing Team assets, recruiting, create team strategies.
  • Official Team Member
  • Team Substitute

To become a member of the iQuit Official Team, a player must show to a recruit event and be invited to join by Paul and/or Mr Lion. Player should be ready and able to be online around the times that the group is on and able to be present at meetings and scrims. Players too far away may be turned away due to issues with ping. Help maintain a motivated and positive team morale and be responsible for designated tasks.

Mumble polices
  • In game mumble chatter should be kept under control
  • Installing and properly setting up your mumble is something every team member should do before we start a practice or scrim.
  • People in the team mumble server are required to have all computer sounds going through a Headset/earphones.
  • Push to talk should be enabled unless you carefully monitor your sensitivity so that it doesn't broad cast unless you are actually talking.
  • Chat will be kept positive no rage, no blaming, no giving up. We are here to play not to win every game.

Presently if you are a member of the Teamor a substitute. You cannot be part of part of any other competitive Tf2 Team. If a member is found to be in another team they will be dismissed from the iQuit Team

Steam Account
Members are expected to give their primary Tf2 account name and friend each of the Team Members and Substitute Players. In the hopes that communication can flow if necessary.

The skill of a player is important, but our team focuses on cooperation. A members dependability and dedication are the largest factors when choosing classes. Seniority will also give heavy weight. The final decision is up to the officer in charge of rosters.

Player’s Responsibilities
Each player is expect to work for the goal of competing in TF2 Highlander in a meaningful and dedicated way. Having fun and growing as a team is the main goal . For that to happen work and organization are key. This list will guide our team. If you are unable to see yourself taking or maintaining these responsibilities our team is not the one for you. Consider them closely.
  • Team member must maintain a working knowledge of the professional Highlander Meta. This will require each member to do their own research by watching videos/steams or tutorials to improve.
  • Each team member is expected to work on their individual skill. Team practice can not be the only time a team member plays.
  • Know the names of positions in official maps. The site will have an official list of site position names.
  • Having strong in-game communication is absolutely critical. Learning how and what to say isn’t a simple process. The entire team has to participate or it simply will not work.
  • Get to know the other players in the team and share contact information.
  • Play a class that the team assigned by the Officer in charge of the roster. Team members will be guaranteed a place in the nine, but not a specific class. You’ll have a main position but if the team needs a member in another class, that player, will be expected to take that class and give their best effort.
  • Team members will have to show up for team meetings. Including: Practices, Scrims, Meetings... etc.
  • If a team member is unable to attend a scrim. They are expected to find a replacement from our substitute list. If a substitute has to come from outside the team. Before the day of the scrim, that player will have to message Mr Lion with the substitutes name, steam name, email, age, and location. Anyone who plays with the team, in an official event, must be over 18.

Reasons for Dismissal from the Team
In the event that a team member must be asked to step down from the team. They will not be automatically banned from the guild activities or a team substitute role.
  • Team member is unable to participate in enough of the team events.
  • Team member has overly bad or negative attitude in game, about the team, or towards another team member.
  • Miss-use of Team Assets.
  • Cheats or uses game exploits.
  • Doesn’t keep up with expected TF2 Knowledge.(Maps, class, role, communications, Map locations... etc)
  • Team member is part of another TF2 Competitive team.

Team Leader and Officer Responsibilities
  • Don't be under the influence of any drug, alcohol included, during practice or schedule.
  • The leadership in the team is here to maintain order and organization. The leadership will remain as transparent as possible.
  • Manage the logistics needed to keep the team in good standing with the leagues we participate in.
  • Have meetings concerning the Teams and the decisions that need to be made.
  • Manage in team disputes.
  • Keep the team on track to actually compete in a tournament.
  • Schedule events as early as possible.(usually a week in advance)
  • Answer questions and concerns from the members.
  • Invite and dismiss members as needed.
  • Manage the teams assists

*this policy is subject to change and only applies to members that are in the official team